Soak Wash - Travel

Tuck a couple of minisoaks into your bag for gentle clothing care anywhere.
As quoted in Wirecutter, "When you’re washing your underwear in a hotel sink, you want a fast and easy experience."
We couldn't agree more!

It’s easy. Simply fill a sink with water, add a minisoak, and let your clothes sit for 15 minutes. Make sure there’s room for water to move around the items.

Pack light. With a few coordinating items and a handful of minisoaks, you’ll always have clean, fresh-smelling clothes on hand. Traveller tip: pack lightweight clothes that dry quickly – Soak is great, but it won’t make that heavy sweater dry any faster in your hotel room.

Got a stain? Dab some Soak directly on it, let it sit for a bit, then hand wash and hang to dry.

Pick up a portable laundry line. They aren’t expensive, don’t take up much room in your bag, and make drying your hand washed items a snap.

Bring a universal sink stopper. It’s small and inexpensive – and a much better option than trying to plug a sink with a washcloth.