Storing off-season clothes is a great way to make room for the things you want to wear now. It keeps your closet organized and your fave items easy to spot, so you can wear them (and feel awesome in them) more often.

It's also a good time to get rid of what you don't want, repair damaged items – and Soak everything before putting it away to prevent damage from dirt, oils, odours and moths (they loooove food and perspiration stains). 

Storage how-tos

1. Sort. Say so long to anything you don't wear anymore. Pass it on to a friend, donate, or if it's in good shape, try selling it on Poshmark or Thredup for an eco-friendly way to pick up a little extra cash. It's good to do the sorting now, while you can still remember what you like and what you don’t.

2. Repair. Is the zipper on your favourite coat broken? Still love that sweater with the worn-through elbow? Fix it yourself or send it out to a pro. It will extend the life of an item you love, and it's easier on the budget than buying something new.  Plus, it’s good for the planet, too – keeping your clothes longer means less in our landfills, and less energy and materials required to manufacture something new.  

3. Soak. Wash everything (especially delicates like wool and cashmere) with Soak. Cleaning clothes before you put them away protects them. Dirt, stains and odours (even if they aren't super-noticeable) will set further over time, making them harder to get rid of later. Plus, food bits and perspiration are basically moth candy: they like those things more than the actual fabric. Be sure to check the label for care instructions before you wash.

Washing with Soak: the basics
Washing knits
Washing cashmere
Washing winter coats

4. Dry. Check that everything is completely dry before you put it away for the season. Any moisture or dampness can cause mold or mildew and damage clothes. Again, check the label to see if you can put items in the dryer or whether they have to be air dried. 
5. Store your stuff. Most items can go into airtight containers like this recycled plastic bin , either folded or rolled to reduce wrinkles. Don't overstuff the containers. For extra protection against those pesky moths, tuck in a few cedar balls in with woolens and other animal fibres like cashmere, silk and fur. Keep everything in a cool, clean, dry, dark place. 

6. Take extra care storing delicates. Store delicates and vintage items in archival boxes, which allow fibres to breathe. Place the heaviest pieces on the bottom and use acid-free tissue paper between items for extra protection.

For even more details on prepping your clothes for storage, check out these tips Soak founder Jacqueline Sava shared with the CBC.