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Between You and Me

Log in to our exclusive reseller section to access our product info library (which we’re always updating). Check out our merchandising and staff training tools, such as videos and POS resources, social media support and more. And remember, when you’re registered with us, you’ll be listed in our retailer database, so customers can see you sell Soak.

For exclusive content for Soak stockists, please log in here:

Our site is not only a beautiful hub for education and product knowledge, but also an easy site for wholesale ordering. Retailers are listed in a dynamic database controlled by a robust back-end. When logged into the site, Soak stockists can access an ever updating library of product information, staff training and education, merchandising tools and social media support. While the front-end of the site drives content and education towards consumers, the back-end section will open up a new communication channel exclusively for Soak resellers. Soak will provide merchandising tools and education not only for Soak, but for retailing in general, including staff training, point of sale tips and other educational features- you’ll have to log in to see.